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Here is a selection of the services we offer


Leveraging the Cloud

We specialize in helping companies leverage on-prem or current cloud offerings. Whether you're a 5 person startup or a MIL/AERO company of 10,000 employees needing ITAR solutions we've got you covered.  Is your company already invested in a cloud provider or tied to on-prem servers? We have experience working in all major cloud providers and will happily build your new pipeline in your infrastructure of choice.


Tired of spinning up the same machine again and again? Feeling a bit old school with those custom bash scripts? Let us handle the containerization for you. We'll build custom docker images for all your command line based tools and then integrate them into your pipelines. Say goodbye to custom machine setups and hello to containers capable of running anywhere.




DevOps and Electronics

DevOps does not just have to be for Software developers. Concepts such as Continuous Integration easily transfer into the Electronics domain such as CI/CD pipelines for Altium Designer. At Embedded DevOps we're passionate not only about automating software processes but the whole embedded design process and that starts with requirements gathering and schematic capture.

Altium 365 Library Migration

Part of our DevOps mission is to help folks transition to the cloud. With Altium 365 it's easier than ever to move your unmanaged content such as designs, libraries, and templats to a managed cloud service. We'll help you migrate all that content into the Altium 365 cloud or self-hosted Concord Pro server (for ITAR compliance).

PCB Project Mirroring

Want to sync up with your software team using their Git server (e.g. Github, Bitbucket, etc.)? No problem. We also create links between Altium 365 and your Git server so everyone can be on the same page. For ITAR compliant systems we'll do the same with Altium Concord Pro.



Preparing for a better workflow

In order to fully take advantage of modern software processes in Embedded Systems, some modifications of your firmware and software might be necessary. We can help you with:

  • Developing scripts to compile and package your code outside of your IDE and off of your personal computer.

  • Creating common libraries to re-use and eliminating copy-and-paste maintenance problems

  • Modularizing your code to achieve the build-once-deploy-anywhere mantra

Hardware in the Loop Testing

One of the fundamental principals of Agile and DevOps is having automated tests and pipelines. With embedded systems this is all the more critical as software and hardware can change at any time. We'll assist you with:

  • Developing the necessary test infrastructure to execute in an automated fashion

  • Building out your pipelines to support hardware in the loop testing

  • Tie in add-ons that provide the necessary test results and coverage to get you compliant with your testing standards (e.g. ISO, AS, DO, etc.).

Learning to save time

Automated build and deployment pipelines bring a lot of new concepts to an engineer’s daily work routine. Our trainers will teach your engineers how to use these new features most efficiently including:

  • Migrating from SVN or no source control to Git branching and merging

  • Constructive code reviews

  • Creating effective and meaningful automated tests

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