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Where Embedded Systems and DevOps Meet

What is Embedded DevOps?

Embedded Systems, also known as electronics that contain firmware, have increased in complexity over the years and so too has their development cycles. Just like software, Agile methodologies (such as Continuous Integration) adopted within embedded system development aid engineers in moving at lightning speed without sacrificing quality.

By using DevOps principles and tooling, teams are able to scale their embedded development at the speed of their Agile development cycles. Using automated, deployable hardware targets and nano-scale test infrastructure, companies are able to move from 10 units in the field to millions overnight. Combining DevOps with Embedded Systems is no longer a pipedream. It’s here and it’s emerging as one of the hottest cross-sections in industry.


How we can help you

We specialize in helping companies leverage on-prem or current cloud offerings. Whether you're a 5 person startup or a MIL/AERO company of 10,000 employees needing ITAR solutions we've got you covered.

Is your company already invested in a cloud provider or tied to on-prem servers? We have experience working in all major cloud providers and will happily build your new pipeline in your infrastructure of choice.

DevOps does not just have to be for Software developers. Concepts such as Continuous Integration easily transfer into the Electronics domain such as automated test and cloud based ECAD solutions.

At Embedded DevOps we're passionate not only about automating software processes but the whole embedded design process and that starts with requirements gathering and schematic capture.

In order to fully take advantage of modern software processes in Embedded Systems, some modifications of your firmware and software might be necessary. We can help you with:

  • Developing scripts to compile and package your code outside of your IDE and off of your personal computer.

  • Creating common libraries to re-use and eliminating copy-and-paste maintenance problems

  • Modularizing your code to achieve the build-once-deploy-anywhere mantra


About Us

We're passionate about just about everything in the workplace. We specialize in creating on-prem or cloud-based automation pipelines that support your embedded products. Whether you're designing the next spacecraft or IoT device we're here to help you spend time on what matters most.

Our engineers have been and continue to pioneer the capabilities in this space. We work directly with the companies that make the chipsets and toolchains to advance the industry in DevOps

About Us

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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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